Cartrack's Free API

APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) are sets of rules and protocols that allow different software applications to communicate and interact with each other. They serve as the bridge that enables seamless integration and data exchange between different systems, platforms, or services.

Providing flexibility and customisation is essential to us. That’s why we offer a free API, empowering developers to harness the capabilities of our vehicle tracking system and seamlessly integrate it into their applications or systems.

At Cartrack, we are committed to providing not only a robust vehicle tracking system but also the flexibility and customisation options that our customers demand. Take advantage of our free API and unleash the power of Cartrack’s vehicle tracking capabilities within your own applications and systems.

To get started with our API, refer to our official documentation, which provides comprehensive instructions, endpoints, parameters, and examples to assist you in integrating our API seamlessly into your projects.

Free API's available

Fleet API

For customers to interact with their fleet data.

Telematics API

For fleets with a non-Cartrack tracker and wanting to push data to Cartrack.


A secure and simple keyless entry solution.

Develop with Cartrack

Fleet API

For you to interact with your fleet data

Integrate Fleetweb services in your solution with this set of APIs. Access your vehicle’s, driver’s data and more.

Telematics API

For fleets with a non-Cartrack tracker

Are you not using our tracker? Connect your vehicles to our platform and benefit from our fleet management services!


A secure and simple keyless entry solution

Cartrack is in business to help you feel safe renting out your vehicles by providing accurate positioning or services that interact with the car itself. You control remotely who can unlock your cars… and more!

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