Car Tracker New Zealand

If you have a fleet and/or your team has to travel to deliver your service to customers, you need a car tracker solution tailored for New Zealand businesses. This is what you get from us at Cartrack.

Vehicle Tracking Devices

With our car and fleet tracking solution, you will always know where the vehicles in your fleet are located. In addition, you will have the information you need to improve the efficiency of your operation, reduce costs, and increase safety. You’ll be able to improve the service you offer to customers too.

Our car tracker solutions are available anywhere in New Zealand, with competitive prices and outstanding levels of service guaranteed. Call today on 09 444 1244 to speak to a member of our team about your requirements.

GPS and GSM Technologies

Track and Record Multiple data

Our vehicle tracking devices use GPS and GSM technologies to track and record multiple data points including location, speed, fuel consumption, driver actions, and more. You’ll have detailed access to this information in real-time through our dashboard.

You’ll be able to see:

  • Detailed information on driver behaviour – you’ll be able to see how your team drives your vehicles in addition to routes those vehicles take and other information in relation to the vehicle. With driver-specific information, you can improve driver abilities across your business as well as fuel efficiency and safety.
  • Detailed information on vehicles – the information you’ll be able to see in your dashboard includes vehicle speed, location, current status, past actions and routes, fuel consumption, and custom sensor information. Some of this information depends on the product and service you choose, but all the information is presented to you in real-time. It’s also possible to get remote immobilisation features to enhance the security of your fleet.

Fleet Tracking Reports and Alerts

The car tracker solutions we provide in New Zealand also have comprehensive reporting and alert features. This includes:

  • Vehicle log reports
  • Journey overviews
  • Scorecards for drivers
  • Violation alerts, such as drivers breaking the speed limit
  • Geofencing reports
  • Fuel consumption reports
  • Driver behaviour alerts


You can see reports on your dashboard, and you can set the system up to send you reports by email. Alerts are sent to your phone by text and email.

Your Cartrack car tracker solution will also send you reminders relevant to fleet management in New Zealand. This includes reminders to renew things like vehicle registrations, WOFs, and RUCs. You can also get servicing and maintenance reminders

Installing Our Vehicle Trackers and Getting Setup

At Cartrack, we make it as easy as possible to set up a tracking solution for your fleet whether you have cars, vans, trucks, or a combination of all three.

Our team will help get you set up with the dashboard and reporting tools.

Plus, you don’t need to bring your vehicles to us as we come to you to fit the tracking devices. The work takes about half an hour, so your vehicle will not be out of action for too long. 

You can even install a tracking device yourself if you prefer. It’s straightforward, and we provide all the instructions and support you need.

Get Started

At Cartrack, we have the car tracker solution you are looking for with comprehensive coverage across the whole of New Zealand. To speak to a member of our team, give us a call on 09 444 1244.

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