Cartrack NZ

Cartrack NZ Launches into the NZ market

Cartrack NZ launched its NZ based operations in June 2016, Cartrack NZ is a wholly owned subsidiary of Cartrack Technologies Asia Pte Ltd, our ultimate holding comany is Cartrack Holdings - a multinational listed company operating across Africa, Europe, Asia, USA and now Oceania, with a presence in 24 countries including NZ.  Cartrack International has approximately 850,000 active subscribers worldwide and is growing at the rate of approximately 15,000 new subscribers per month.

Cartrack is a service based organisation with a strong focus on research and development, in-house design and manufacturers of its own hardware.

Cartrack NZ provides fleet, mobile asset and workforce management solutions underpinned by real-time actionable business intelligence, delivered as Software-as-a-Service (‘SaaS’).  Cartrack’s web based services interface across a multitude of different areas and are intuitive and easy to use.  In addition, Cartrack is the first company able to provide the service of tracking and recovery of stolen vehicles with the support of a dedicated 24-hour control room.

Cartrack NZ has taken a close look at the market and whilst a number of existing operations exist sees a huge opportunity to provide their services to the NZ market whilst being a bit of a disruptor to the market. Our technology has been proven over decades and our investment in research and development costs are well behind us.  We have the ability to provide very competitive prices in the market that massively reduces telematic costs to our customers when compared to other providers.

Cartrack NZ has in a very short time period built a client base across various sectors of industry.  The telematics industry in NZ provides the same opportunities that we are seeing around the World.  Organisations from the private sector, SME, large corporate or Government departments have varying requirements and Cartrack International has worked alongside all of them, from international brands such as Michelin, Revlon, Man, Avis, Uber, Chevron and DHL.  We bring custom specialisation to the NZ market and have the ability to turn things around quickly no matter how big or small the fleet is.

Cartrack NZ would like to debunk the jargon and mystery surrounding the industry and whilst our technology appears to be complicated, in essence it has been around for quite some time, it is quite a simple process, we get to know what the requirements are from our clients, understand it and deliver a service that meets their needs.  However, sometimes you don’t know what you don’t know.  An example of this is the new regulations around new Worksafe requirements in respect to health and safety.  Many organisations have not grasped what this actually means for them.  We like to be proactive and provide options to help mitigate risks associated with the new regulations. The good news is that we have already been doing this for many years in other jurisdictions and have developed a specialised health and safety reporting module that includes comprehensive driver score cards with built in alerts and a driver report for continuous hours driven”.

Cartrack NZ has a full suite of products from live tracking and location, geo-fence capability, driver behaviour alerts and a comprehensive list of reporting to a full array of add on options like Driver ID, fuel and refrigeration monitoring, electronic log books and a first for NZ- our stolen vehicle recovery plus much more.  Cartrack also provides products such as Communicator, their 4-1 task management tool or MI Fleet, software for fleet compliance management.

What makes Cartrack different is the dedication and vision to implement impeccable service and delivery with the combination of a full suite of products and technology at a price point that will help the bottom line.

If you currently have a provider and your contract is nearing completion, or you are considering changing providers and you would like a quote or, alternatively you had anticipated that monitoring for a fleet would be cost prohibitive, please contact Cartrack NZ to discuss your current and future requirements.  

  • Avis
  • DHL
  • Michelin
  • Uber
  • Armourguard
  • Homegrown Juice
  • Speedy Couriers
  • Prestige Limited
  • Paramount Services
  • Mega Foods Ltd.
  • Blind Foundation
  • Appleby Engineering