About Cartrack

Founded in 2001, Cartrack initially focused on tracking and recovery services of stolen vehicles. 

This led to the Cartrack system being developed and implemented for the Sub-Saharan African market, where rates of vehicle theft was, and remains, amongst the highest in the world.  Cartrack has an audited recovery rate of 91%.

In 2007, with the rapid development and convergence of telecommunication services, Cartrack expanded the scope of its offering to include full Telematics services, in particular Fleet Management. Cartrack’s user-friendly and cost-effective web-based Fleet Management portal which provides a comprehensive set of features ensuring the optimisation of both fleet and human resources.

With a continued focus and investment in technology, Cartrack’s research and development is a key element to its success and is a differentiator that allows the Company to successfully expand globally. Cartrack manufactures and carries out R&D on all its hardware and software products and they are fitted to the highest standards by dedicated Cartrack technicians. With this scalable approach Cartrack has positioned itself to cater for the mainstream Telematics market. This approach has allowed Cartrack to achieve economies of scale across its business with a focus on growing its footprint without compromising on service delivery, reliability and margin generation.

With our International footprint and expansion Cartrack has an international business footprint and geographic diversification and expansion that affords Cartrack the ability to benefit from growth and income diversification.

Today, Cartrack is one of the world’s leading Telematics providers and now has approximately one million units deployed and more than 850,000 active subscribers across Africa, Europe, Asia and North America and Oceania with a presence in 24 countries including New Zealand. 

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