About Cartrack

Launched in South Africa in 2004, Cartrack has been specialising in fleet management and vehicle tracking for over 15 years.

Cartrack has since established itself globally, with over 2000 staff worldwide. Internationally Cartrack is serving over 1.1 million subscribers in 24 countries across Africa, Europe, Southeast Asia, USA and New Zealand.

Cartrack New Zealand has been in operation since 2016 and currently serves hundreds of individual and business subscribers from various industries across the country.

Learn more how we help to Re-discover GPS Vehicle Tracking as a Tool to Improve Fleet Management Efficiency, Beyond the Obvious

About Cartrack

Here is why GPS tracking using Cartrack is the right choice for your business:

  1. It gives you total peace of mind. Just like AntiVirus is a must for your computers, GPS tracking of company assets is no longer a luxury, but a part of best practice in risk management to ensure your assets and resources (people, vehicles and equipment) are used properly, maximising ROI.
  2. It’s a good fit for your budget. Gone are the times when GPS tracking was expensive and hard to implement. As world pioneers in GPS tracking with over 1,100,000 customers internationally, Cartrack offers affordable (from a few dollars a month), fast to implement (within 1-2 days) solutions with versatile capabilities.
  3. It has a positive impact on company performance. Contrary to popular belief, GPS tracking has nothing to do with personal monitoring. In fact, companies that install GPS tracking report increased productivity and better discipline without doing anything else. While we only track vehicles and assets, people involved start focusing more on using them as intended, i.e. for doing actual work and nothing else.

Here are the long-lasting rewards of using Cartrack in your business:

  • Get to know where your vehicles and other moving assets have been and where they are now 24/7.
    By the way, you can do it while holidaying, as long as you have an internet connection.
  • Increase productive use of your vehicles and other moving assets.
  • We use real-time reliable tracking partnering with a telecommunication provider offering network coverage of over 95% of New Zealand.
  • Rapid service response time within 1 to 24 hours by our own in-house technicians. 
  • Get reports and data relevant to your needs – fully configurable to your kind of usage.
  • Secure data storage and backup to ensure all your telematics information remains safe.