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Flexible GPS Vehicle Tracking Solutions

At Cartrack, we believe in providing a GPS vehicle tracking solution that’s as flexible as your favorite subscription services, such as video streaming platforms or mobile apps. Why should managing your fleet be any different? With no minimum period contracts and a subscription-based model, you have the freedom to manage your fleet operations on your own terms.

Why Choose Cartrack’s Flexible Tracking Solutions?

  • No LongTerm Contracts

    We understand that flexibility is key to managing your business costs and operations efficiently. That's why we offer a subscription-based service without the long-term contracts that lock you in. This approach is designed to adapt to your business needs, allowing you to scale up or down as required, without any penalties.

  • Immediate Return on Investment​

    Many GPS tracking services lock you into multi-year contracts, promising a return on investment (ROI) that only materialises towards the end of the term. At Cartrack, we do things differently. Our competitive pricing and in-depth data insights mean you start saving money much sooner. Don’t wait years to see the value of your investment—experience its impact from day one.

  • Your Fleet, Your Rules​

    Avoid the pitfalls of fixed contracts that can often come with hidden conditions and inflexibility. With Cartrack, you’re choosing a partner that offers transparency and control, enabling you to track your vehicles and manage your fleet according to your specific needs and timelines.


Streamline Your Fleet Management with Cartrack

Cartrack’s GPS vehicle tracking solutions put you in command, offering the flexibility and insights needed to optimise your operations efficiently and cost-effectively. Embrace the simplicity and efficiency of managing your fleet on your terms and see the benefits for yourself without any undue commitments.

Cartrack Standard Features:

True GPS tracking innovation

Constantly adding new initiatives to our GPS tracking platform that further boost your ROI.

Value-based tracking information

We give you actionable tracking insights, not overwhelming data with no impact.

Reliable and secure vehicle tracking

High corporate governance and stringent GPS product quality standards assured by Nasdaq listing.

No hidden costs

Everything is included and done for you. You just log in and begin tracking -Enhancing your operations.

Successful GPS implementation

Easy-to-use vehicle tracking platform supported by local training teams. Your team will actually use it.

Trustworthy IoT GPS device

E-Mark certified smart GPS device professionally installed to ensure accurate real-time data.


Cartrack NZ driver behaviour Scorecard allows for drivers and businesses to have a snapshot view of how safe they are driving along with how they compare with their colleagues. This helps businesses and managers to understand not only which drivers need driving training, but also what they need training on.  Driver score gets impacted by harsh accelerating, harsh cornering, harsh braking and overspeeding. 

Live GPS Tracking 

See your complete vehicle fleet, employees, and other assets such as machinery and non-powered assets,  in real-time with our GPS tracking tools. Not only providing you with tracking insights about your fleet operations but enhancing security on your equipment. Cartrack NZ’  user-friendly platform and mobile apps make it easy for you to track your fleet and manage your business.


Our solution wirelessly updates customers’ purchased RUCs and electronically displays them on a digital screen in your vehicle, so you don’t have to worry about manually distributing laminated papers anymore.

Cartrack’s RUC Display ensures that your fleet has up-to-date RUC information, avoiding any fines and ensuring compliance with regulations, all from the comfort of your office chair.


Cartrack Fleet Management presents far more benefits than simple GPS Vehicle Tracking. You will be able to manage all aspects of your fleet, from driver behaviour, security, compliance reminders, vehicle servicing, reporting, geofencing and cost analysis, just to mention a few


Enhance fleet security and location insights with Cartrack,  setting up a geofence has never been easier. What makes Cartrack different to our competitors would be; Unlimited easily created and edited geofences. Importing of geofences from other tracking systems. Creating geofences from address lists or clicking on the map, newly created geofences work for historical data as well. and reports and alerts per geofence

Why do businesses need a Fleet Management System?

In the realm of fleet management, business owners stand to gain a multitude of benefits from integrating advanced solutions like Cartrack’s GPS tracking and management tools. These tools not only afford real-time visibility of their fleet, thereby enhancing dispatch efficiency and operational management, but also pave the way for significant productivity gains across the board. By leveraging such comprehensive systems, businesses can streamline their operations, ensuring that every vehicle is exactly where it needs to be, exactly when it needs to be there. This level of precision and oversight translates into more efficient use of resources and, ultimately, a more robust bottom line.

Cost management is another critical aspect where fleet management systems like Cartrack shine. Detailed analytics concerning vehicle usage, route optimisation, and fuel consumption illuminate areas of excess expenditure that could otherwise erode profits. Through mitigating unauthorised vehicle use and optimising routes, Cartrack’s solutions are instrumental in reducing fuel costs and minimising overtime claims with precise timekeeping. These measures not only curtail unnecessary spending but also contribute to a more environmentally friendly operation by reducing carbon footprints.

Moreover, the accuracy of GPS tracking enables business owners to implement precise billing based on onsite time, distance travelled, and the nature of service delivery, thereby enhancing revenue streams. When combined with the cost savings realised through improved operational efficiency, businesses are poised to witness a noticeable uptick in their profit margins. This financial robustness is essential for scaling operations, investing in new technologies, and enhancing overall service offerings.

Customer service also receives a substantial boost from the adoption of fleet management systems. Real-time tracking capabilities allow businesses to provide customers with accurate Estimated Time of Arrivals (ETAs), substantially improving service reliability and customer satisfaction. This level of service not only fosters customer loyalty but also positions a business as reliable and trustworthy in the competitive market landscape.

On the operational front, fleet managers benefit from a comprehensive overview of vehicle activities, including stops, trips, and fuel consumption, facilitated by Cartrack’s fleet management solutions. This bird’s-eye view enables effective management and optimisation of fleet operations, ensuring safety, compliance, and efficiency. Automated alerts and maintenance schedules keep vehicles in prime condition, minimising downtime and extending their lifespans. Additionally, drivers enjoy enhanced safety features and user-friendly mobile apps, which simplify their daily operations and encourage safe, efficient driving practices. For a deeper dive into the specifics of how Cartrack’s platform can revolutionise fleet management, visit Cartrack New Zealand or contact their customer service for the most current and comprehensive information.

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