Insurance Telematics

Telematics is a powerful means to manage the behaviour of drivers, and in turn, better manage insurance premiums through risk management strategies.

Cartrack Insurance Telematics offer selected data of driver’s actual driving profile to the insurance industry to evaluate the risk profile of the consenting clients.

With actual driver risk profile from analysis of telematics feedback, insurers can now reward good driving behaviour with reduced premiums, as well as penalise bad driving behaviour. Drivers will not then be stacked with unnecessary premiums due to broad market statistics dictate.

Insurance telematics provides the means for both the insurer and the fleet operator to manage driver behaviour for the better, and in turn, dramatically reduce loss ratios as a result of accidents. It is a great basis to build rewards/loyalty programmes upon and provide the means to achieve individualised client analytics that allow for greater segmentation of client databases and cost containment.

Using Cartrack’s Insurance Telematics technology, our insurance clients construct a model against which they assess drivers based on many key driving habits and behaviours, including:

  • The specific time of day that drivers are on the road
  • The amount of kilometres driven in a month
  • The high-risk areas that vehicles are predominantly driven or parked in
  • Driver specific elements such as speeding, sharp cornering and harsh braking, which increases the driver’s risk profile


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